Pieces of Me


I completed my first full 52 weeks project at the beginning of the summer. And during these last few months, it's taken me time and time again to sit down... stop pacing.. and really figure out how I wanted to end this whole thing. This project took all my creative energy for over a year, it was weird to just... be done. 

If you're unfamiliar with what a 52 weeks project is... let me fill you in. 

It's something in the photography world where you take 1 photo a week for a whole year with absolutely no limits on themes, subjects, or ideas. when I set out to start mine, i specifically wanted to use the project as an avenue for self reflection and exploration after a really dark period in my life.

when I began this project, i was fresh out of my ppd and needed to not only learn who I was again, but to create definition of everything I was... wasn't... and wanted to be. so, my project naturally became a self portrait theme to give me the needed direction for that motive.

But this project not only became that very thing, it also documented this whole past year in such a unique way.

During the last year I survived my busiest business season yet... I explored through Chicago, Las Vegas, Canada, and England... I witnessed my first solar eclipse, jumped out of an airplane, DYED MY HAIR FOR THE FIRST TIME, bought a motorcycle and turned 28. I even lost 20 lbs!! All from june of 2017 to may of 2018.

So honestly... each one of these weeks is a piece of history in my own personal story. full of all the parts of me that make up my human experience thus far. all the growth. the getting to know me again. the bad weeks. the great weeks. the almost didn't make anything weeks. the conquering weeks. the weeks that fed my internal starving creative. and the weeks that made me want to throw my camera against the wall.

bundling all that together to objectively look at myself from an outside perspective gave me the ability to feel self love and recognition on a level i never have before. And it was... to say the least... rejuvenating.

And because of it, this project healed me more than anything ever has. and i hope that someday you... and every other person on this earth gets to experience this kind of healing one way or another at some time or another. because every single person deserves this. 


Now I only want what's real
To let my heart feel what it feels
Gold, silver, or bronze hold no value here
Where work and rest are equally revered

I only want what's real
I set aside the highlight reel
And leave my greatest failures on display with an asterisk
Worthy of love anyway

-sleeping at last-


This song by Sleeping At Last does this project more justice than any words I've managed to string together. And it also seems to be the perfect soundtrack to the slideshow of this entire project. So, if you want to... press play, sit back, and take in an entire year's worth of work, creativity, planning, healing, and self reflection in just a few minutes. 


If you find yourself wanting more from this project of mine... I actually blogged every single week over on my website. I even did some video diaries and editing timelapses for a lot of the weeks. If you want to see those posts, click on the link below to be taken to the original gallery where each photo is a link to every single photo and post. 




and ending side note..... I actually started out this project with an aim to do a video diary for every single week because holy wow when I'm old and gray how cool would that be to look back on?

But, the busier I got with my business, the harder it was to find time to even do the basics for this project. But, it was still fun to put together everything i did manage to make, shoot, and capture from June 2017-May 2018 into one giant video. Press play and enjoy <3 

Brooke Townsend